Those demanding Atta Mills’ autopsy are not my relatives – Samuel Atta-Mills

Samuel Atta-Mills, MP KEEA

The Member of Parliament for Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem (KEEA) and brother of the late former President John Evans Atta-Mills, Samuel Atta-Mills, is livid over the recent request for his late brother’s autopsy report.


Samuel Atta-Mills asserted that the people demanding the autopsy reports are not family members and do not share ties with them.


He also disclosed his innocence in the demand for the autopsy.


“Those who went to see the President for the Late President’s autopsy are not family members. They are impostors. Koku Anyidoho is not my relative. They are cheap people looking for something to eat. They should leave us alone,” he said in an interview with Adom FM.


This follows a request Nana Enyimfua III, representing Atta Mills’ family, made to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo last week.


She made the call when she was accompanied by the Founder of the Atta-Mills Institute, Koku Anyidoho, to pay a courtesy call on the president in Accra.


Nana Enyimfua III expressed concern over the unknown cause of Atta Mills’ death and emphasized the importance of obtaining the report for closure and historical records.


She added, “Our biggest problem as a family is that ever since I was enstooled as queen mother, I have not seen any autopsy report in the family. That is the biggest problem I have with the family because if someone asks me what killed him, I won’t know if the doctor said he broke his arm or his neck or drank something.”


This sparked outrage over the weekend, with Cadman Mills, a brother of the Late President, saying that “The (legitimate) family can obtain a copy from 37 [Military Hospital].”


He disclosed on X that an autopsy was performed at the 37 Military Hospital and will be made available to the legitimate family.


Source – CNR


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