The President Akufo Addo and Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), had given Ken Ofori Atta a glimpse of the benefits of been a Government consultant, negotiating for loans on the international monetary market/Bond markets on behalf of the Ghanaian Government.


The exposure the NDC gave Ken Ofori Atta, ‘got the best of him’ and saw it as an unlimited opportunity for him and his cronies, should Akufo Addo become Ghana’s President and so Ken had his plans well laid out before Akufo Addo won the 2016 election.


An old adage has it that “when you bring an ants infested firewood home, you don’t blame anyone when the Lizard come visiting” and this is true of our President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana.


Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo knew himself right from the beginning and even after the “Kumei Preko” Demonstration in 1995, that he did not have what it takes, the qualities and the capabilities to be Ghana’s President and needed quality people who have the knowledge and ability, who will believe in him, to champion his quest to be President.


Akufo Addo had used the same strategy of having well qualified Lawyers to work for him over the years while running his father’s Law firm, Akufo Addo, Prempeh & Co, bequeathed to him after the demise of the father, the Late Edward Akufo Addo.


A close look at the Law firm, Akufo Addo, Prempeh & Co, showed it has always employed the ‘creme de la creme’, of the Makola Law School, who did their internship with the firm.


After all, the father had built a good reputation for the Law firm and it had no problem attracting the best of Law graduates passing out of Makola.


And that was how Akufo Addo, Prempaeh & Co got very good Lawyers to prepare cases for Akufo Addo to present in Court and earned him accolades from members of the public as being an astute Lawyer.


Once this strategy has worked for Akufo Addo for years, he assumed the same strategy would work for his Presidential ambition.


As part of the plan, Akufo Addo had meticulously developed a very good rappore with leading members of the Ghanaian media and getting very close to some of the Editors at the time, convincing them to believe in his course as the best person to lead Ghana.


If you are the kind that followed the media, you would have noticed that from 1995, Akufo Addo never earned a bad headline in the newspapers and his past, (which those who knew him that well said, was nothing to write home about) rarely came up. He also made a very conscious effort to ensure he associated with the right people and was at the right place at the right time.


All this time, his struggle to get the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) approval was going on while at the same time endearing himself to members of the party and the public by setting up “The Ghana Committee On Human and People’s Right” to champion the rights of Ghanaians under the military regime of the PNDC & the NDC civilian administration led by the Late President, Jerry John Rawlings.


The revelation of Akufo Addo been unsuitable and not having the qualities to lead the New Patriotic Party (NPP) or become its Presidential candidate, came too late when he had already secured the Leadership of the party.


Too late because he had assumed the leadership of the biggest opposition political party in the country and was using the party as collateral to secured funds from the Banks & well-meaning individuals to run the Party.


To entrench himself as leader of the NPP, he had to do away with some members of the then National Executives, who by now had come to the realization the blunder they have caused, helping elect someone who is not fit for the Leadership of the party.


Akufo Addo by strategy, started the elimination by substitution method, one by one, he got rid of all who he perceived as ‘enemies’ and brought in the Youth, who had very little knowledge of him and his past and saw him as a great leader.


Having exorcised the party of the ‘old’ Executives, he brought in ‘new’ Executives and set out his plan of recruiting those who believed in his Presidential bid. There were those who knew who they were dealing with and his plans but cunningly, accepted to work with him and one of these people is Kenneth Ofori Atta, whose siblings and the Akufo Addos have in the past, had some family feud over family property.


By this time, Akufo Addo/NPP were heavily indebted to Ken Ofori Atta’s Data Bank and other Banks in the country, therefore, to continue having funds to run the party, Ken Ofori Atta become the pivot around which Akufo Addo’s entire Presidential bid revolved.


And that was how Ken Ofori Atta became number one in the NPP administration, under the leadership of Akufo Addo.


Ken Ofori Atta, all this while, knew Akufo Addo’s weakness and also knew that God willing, if his cousin became President, he could be manipulated and be made a figurehead President while he, Ken Ofori Atta and others run the Government.


What is happening today, wasn’t how Akufo Addo wanted to run his Government but (he brought an ants infested firewood home and the Lizard is come visiting) the cronies he recruited, knew him better and thought he didn’t have the what it takes to lead them and turn round making him (Simpa Opayin) a figurehead President to the extent, he could not exercise control over the very clique he put together.


If you want to know the reason why Akufo Addo could not ‘fire’ Ken Ofori Atta, as demanded by the party’s Members of Parliament (MPs), it was because the Government could have collapsed without Ken Ofori Atta because the entire Economy and financial arrangements of the Government, were in his hands. The President has no clue how the country’s finances are been run.


And so right from January 2017, Akufo Addo has not been in-charge of the Financial Administration of the country.


The strategy of controlling the country’s economy, even after the exit of Akufo Addo/NPP Administration, was hatched by Ken Ofori Atta and a few members of the Akufo Addo’s clique, even before the NPP assumed office.


Akufo Addo just doesn’t know what is going on. Cunningly, Ken Ofori Atta and a few cronies are running the show with Akufo Addo assuming all is well and enjoying his Presidency.


Ken Ofori Atta had run down the economy and knew the only solution was for Ghana to go to the IMF but gave everyone in the administration the assurance Ghana would never go to the IMF and that was the reason all the appointees were screaming on rooftops “we are a proud nation, we will not go to the IMF”.


Ken Ofori Atta, took advantage of John Dramani Mahama’s legacy and by the end of the NPP administration’s first four years in office, had dissipated the ‘goodwill’ left behind by the NDC, while at the same time misinforming Ghanaians the Economy wasn’t in good standing even at the beginning of the Administration’s first term in office.


Since he had planned on going to the IMF at the tail end of the Akufo Addo/NPP administration, Ken Ofori Atta had embarked on a borrowing spree, right from day one with a $2.2 Billion Franklin Templeton loan from the international money market and by the middle of 2021, the Ghanaian Economy had totally run aground and since Akufo Addo has no idea what was going on and would do whatever Ken tells him to do, agreed when he was informed of the IMF plan.


Those in Government, who disagreed with Ken Ofori Atta on Ghana going to the IMF, had to be kicked out under a very bizarre circumstance.


The reason for Ken Ofori Atta going to the IMF is to exonerate himself from blame and make Ghanaians believe it is the IMF that is in-charge of the Economy before the handing over, if the NPP should lose the next election.


Ken Ofori Atta, the Finance Minister, should be Ghana’s first accused person even before the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo in the event of any criminal prosecutions after the exit of this NPP Administration.


Akufo Addo knew he hasn’t got what it takes to be President but thought he could run Ghana the same way he run his father’s Law firm but it did not work because this time around, his chosen cronies made him a figurehead President (Simpa Opayin) while they took charge of the country.


Ken Ofori Atta is smart, he played Akufo Addo along, making him believe as President, at this last stage of his life, all he had to do was enjoy himself and Akufo Addo took the bait and enjoyed himself.


How do you blame Ken Ofori Atta for destroying the Economy, when it was the President, Akufo Addo, who was flying expensive private jets at a time the country’s economy was seriously struggling and also getting involved in all the Government scandals?


Apart from borrowing in the name Ghana and taking his commission of one percent, did anyone hear of Ken Ofori Atta directly being mentioned in any of the scandals that rocked the Akufo Addo/NPP administration? No.


Yes, he is associated with the ‘Agyapa Document’ and the PDS scandals but that was different. Agyapa was a scheme, a plan to ensure the continuous control of the Ghanaian Economy from outside Government even after Akufo Addo has left office.


Can anyone imagine these people outside Government and having the ownership and control of the supply of electricity?


Seven years of President Akufo Addo, it has been horrible, it has been tough, it has been very harsh, lots of families and businesses destroyed but it has also been a very good lesson and Ghanaians have learnt from their mistakes and can afford to say, never again anything semblance of Akufo Addo/NPP.


If Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana, had lost the 2016 election, he would have gone down in the history of Ghana as the best President Ghana never had, because we would not have known how empty, how ignorant, how clueless, how incompetent he is. END


Source – Jojo Bruce-Quansah



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