Sall trial: Supreme Court judges ‘played ostrich’ – Kwaku Azar.


Lawyer and Accounting Professor, Stephen Kwaku Asare, raised concerns over the Supreme Court ruling which removed the injunction on the MP-elect for Hohoe Peter Amewu.

The Supreme Court has unanimously granted the Attorney General’s application to set aside the Ho High Court injunction on Hohoe MP-elect Peter Amewu.

The unanimous decision of the apex court presided over by Justice Yaw Appau in granting the application said the interested parties did not say anything for the justification of the orders of injunction that was granted.

The court said Peter Amewu has nothing to do with the denial of the EC not to allow the people of SALL to vote. The Court said, Peter Amewu is also not an official of the EC but only presented himself up for a contest and won.

Commenting on the judgment, the legal practitioner said: “A few days ago, I prayed that when the Court meets to hear the Hohoe matter, let us hope it can take judicial notice of SALL, which, not Hohoe, is the real and urgent issue facing the nation and the Court.

The Court appositely said Hohoe must be at the inauguration dance from Day 1 but closed its eyes to the reality that SALL is not at the dance”.

In the comments published on Facebook, Professor Azar stressed: “All the reasons given for why Hohoe must be at the dance applies in equal force to SALL.

“To say that SALL was not before the Court is to play Ostrich when one of the most important rights in a democracy is under assault in broad daylight.

SALL has been gravely and fatally injured and nobody will pay a price for it. That’s not a picture of justice”. – Starr FM


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