Revive reading culture among the youth – Bagbin urges government

Rt. Hon. Speaker, Alban Bagbin

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Alban Bagbin, has urged the government and other stakeholders in the country’s education sector to find innovative ways of imbibing the habit of reading into the younger generation.

According to him, the time is now for such initiatives to be taken.

The Speaker insists the decline in reading culture amongst the youth is alarming.

Mr. Bagbin added that the interest of the youth in reading should be reawakened through what he calls innovative strategies in Ghana’s educational setup.

He said this intervention should be rolled out as soon as possible since it will improve the acquisition of knowledge and impact national development.

He was speaking at the launch of the autobiography of a former Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Ken Dzirasah.

“Reading as a hobby, a culture, and as a way of acquiring knowledge, is gradually heading away, especially amongst the younger generation. Even for us who belong to yesteryears, we seem to be losing that habit. It is high time that the government and the managers of our education sector developed innovative strategies that will bring back the culture of reading, particularly amongst the youth.”

“The interruptions and distraction brought about by the advancement in technologies are immense, however this should be the time serious people will start thinking out of the box to find innovative ways of mitigating the impact of the deficiency of the reading culture on education, knowledge, and skills acquisition; and eventually on national development and growth.” – CNR


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