Nollywood Actor Kunle Remi Ties The Knot



On Saturday in Lagos, Kunle Remi and his wife, Boluwatiwi, walked down the aisle for their white wedding. Remi, the groom, looked handsome in a purple blazer and black bow tie over a crisp white shirt.


The bride, in her silky off-shoulder dress, glowed with anticipation. Their steps resonated with commitment, witnessed by guests during the court papers signing and vow exchange officiated by the priest.


After exchanging heartfelt, “I do’s,” Remi and Boluwatiwi ended the beautiful day with dance moves alongside friends, family, and well-wishers


On Friday, the couple had a traditional wedding, in Lagos. The bride adorned herself in a beautifully tied orange-brown gele, a matching blouse, and a skirt, complemented by an orange accessory, adding a delightful touch to her look.


The groom wore a brown agbada, matching trousers, red coral beads, and brown shoes.


The Otedola family, led by business mogul Femi Otedola, the bride’s maternal uncle, graced the white wedding of the lovebirds, who had been capturing social media attention.


Celebrities in the Nigerian entertainment industry attended the ceremony.


Tiwi and Kunle


In an interview published on Remi’s website, Boluwatiwi shared that her first impression of her groom was his witty, reserved, and self-assured nature.


Physically, she couldn’t miss his Popeye arms and incredible smile.


She loved her groom’s gigantic heart and appreciated his genuine care for everyone.


Boluwatiwi finds Mr Remi’s ability to see people where they are a desirable trait. She also enjoyed watching him recap events.


“He can have me on the floor belly laughing with the many voices and animations he uses to tell; even, even in the most mundane moments of a day he is sharing, he brings colour to colour.”


The bride maintained that she loved seeing him get ready and tucking himself into bed after a long day.


She further stated that their version of an amusement park is designed together from the end.


Remi described his wife as vibrant and emphasised her ability to turn heads when entering a room – impossible to ignore.


“She’s like a supermodel. Her big smile immediately caught my attention, and the way she threw her head back when she laughed captivated me,” Kunle Remi said.


He added that he loved his wife’s devotion, consistency, and hard work the most, expressing how Boluwatiwi was not only his constant inspiration but also exceptionally caring.


He said: “I love watching Tiwi work and problem-solve; when we are discussing and have yet to conclude, she goes into planning and execution mode. It’s like watching a superhero movie, except instead of a cape, she’s holding onto her planner, excel, and a to-do list. It’s a show I never want to miss.”


Source – Graphic online


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