No transport fare increases – GPRTU, GRTCC

Godfred Abuibire Adogma, Gen. Sec. GPRTU

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) and the Ghana Road Transport Coordinating Council (GRTCC) have cautioned against attempts by some driver unions to increase public transport fares without the consent of the main unions, which have the mandate to negotiate public transport fares.

The GPRTU and some driver unions met last Monday to discuss the way forward for their business, in the midst of the challenges confronting the country.


A statement said at the meeting, the re-introduction of toll booth levies, among some other pertinent issues, came up for a thorough discussion.

However, it said, moments after the said meeting, some driver unions, notably the True Drivers Union, and the Concerned Drivers Union, allegedly issued statements purporting to trigger an increase in public transport fares.

Following the public statements by those unions, the GPRTU and the Ghana Committed Drivers Association (GCDA) said they were not in harmony with the plans by those driver unions.


In a joint statement issued in Accra last Wednesday, the GPRTU and the GRTCC described as malicious plans by those unions to increase fares without recourse to and authorisation by the main unions.

The GCDA, also in a separate statement issued last Wednesday, condemned the action of those driver unions and distanced itself from any purported increase in public fares.

According to the GPRTU, the GRTCC and the GCDA, the intended action by the driver unions was not only targeted at creating disaffection within the driver unions and or transport operators but also confusion among the public.

“For the records, we, GCDA, work hand-in-hand with the GPRTU and the GRTCC, the only recognised mandated bodies to negotiate public transport fares on behalf of all transport unions to increase public transport fares or otherwise,” it said.

General public

“We, therefore, urge the public to treat any purported talks or plans to increase transport fares with the contempt that it deserves,” the statement said.

The GPRTU and the GRTCC joint statement was signed by the GPRTU General Secretary, Godfred Abulbire Adogma, while that of the GCDA was signed by Charles Danso.

“We want to state without any equivocation and again in unambiguous terms that not only is the statement a palpable falsehood but also malicious and targeted to increase disaffection and confusion among the driver unions.

“We urge the various driver unions, the commuting and the general public to disregard any such statement and treat it with the contempt that it deserves,” Mr Danso said.

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