Martin Amidu affirms authenticity of leaked tape alleging plot against IGP Dampare



Former Special Prosecutor, Martin A. B. K. Amidu, has stated that the leaked tape implicating high-ranking officials allegedly conspiring to remove Inspector General of Police (IGP) George Akuffo Dampare from office is “authentic and not fake.”


In a written statement, Amidu confirmed the validity of the leaked 50-minute recording, recognizing the voice of one of the individuals involved, whom he previously represented as a client during his time as a lawyer in the Northern Region.


Mr. Amidu further noted that he has personally been in the Accra office of the person in question and witnessed their tendency to receive phone calls during serious discussions, which he believes could explain the presence of a recording.


He also claimed that inexperienced individuals may feel at ease due to the interruptions caused by incoming calls.



The leaked tape, which surfaced on July 11, allegedly involves a prominent police commissioner and some leaders of the governing New Patriotic Party plotting to remove the IGP. According to the recording, the plotters perceive Dampare as a potential obstacle to the party’s success in the 2024 elections.


The government, represented by Minister of the Interior Ambrose Derry, has vehemently denied the allegations, dismissing the leaked tape as baseless.


Mr. Amidu additionally stated that a commissioner of police named Mr. Mensah, who has four months remaining on terminal leave before departing from the Ghana Police Service, was heard on the leaked tape, along with other senior officers engaging in discussions against the IGP on various platforms.


Mr. Amidu claimed that this behaviour was rooted in a tradition within the police force, wherein colleagues are undermined as a means to secure preferential treatment for higher appointments.


Alleging that the IGP was selected for the position based on demonstrated loyalty to the government, Mr. Amidu asserted that discussions regarding his predecessor’s replacement began long before their departure. Mr. Amidu claimed personal knowledge that Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, who chairs the Police Council and oversaw the meeting that formally recommended Dampare’s appointment to the President, was a strong supporter of Dampare even before the IGP position became vacant.


According to Mr. Amidu, vacancies in the office of the IGP always lead to lobbying and manoeuvring among the top ranks of the Police Administration, especially when limited positions are available. He drew upon his own experiences as a former member of the Ghana Police Council and Minister for the Interior, stating that senior police officers frequently lobbied for enhanced positions and shared stories about their competitors.


Mr. Amidu concluded by stating that Dampare’s relatively young age and potential long tenure in the position could provoke further scheming and manoeuvring among senior police officers seeking his early removal from office. He characterized the contents of the leaked tape as typical of the internal politicking within the Ghana Police Service.


Source – Graphic online


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