‘I saw Kaaka’s brother dragging him to the bathroom’ – Co-tenant tells Ejura committee

Sadia Fuseini

Sadia Fuseini, the woman who claims to have seen Iddi Muhammed, the elder brother of slain social activist, Ibrahim Muhammed, around the crime scene before his hospitalization and subsequent death, has given her account of what transpired on the night Kaaka died.

Speaking before the 3-member Ejura Committee probing the disturbances that followed the death of Kaaka, she said she saw Kaaka’s elder brother dragging him into his home and leaving the area.

Iddi Muhammed was arrested shortly after the death as a third suspect, and is still in police custody, assisting in investigations after they were remanded.

Some believe that the killing of Ibrahim Muhammed may be political, as his family has claimed that he had received several threats due to his activism on social media that some felt was making the government unpopular.

Testifying before the committee, Mrs. Fuseini, who has lived in the same house with Kaaka’s family for nearly 19 years, recounted what she saw on that night, explaining that she was initially reluctant to share the information with anyone because she was scared that no one will believe her since Iddi Mohammed is Kaaka’s brother.

Speaking through an interpreter, she said; “I was in my room preparing to start my prayers when I heard the sound of Kaaka’s motorbike approaching the house. I suddenly heard a loud noise which sounded like the sound of the motorbike falling down, so I stopped what I was doing to try and observe what was going on. I heard someone groaning, so I came out to see exactly what was happening, and I saw Kaaka’s elder brother dragging him by his hand towards the bathroom, where the light suddenly went off. So I rushed and knocked on the door of Kaaka’s wife to inform her. After knocking, I turned and saw Baba Iddi [Kaak’s brother] leaving the compound. A neighbour, who had heard me shouting and knocking at Sahada’s [Kaak’s wife] door, came out to see what was happening. She met Baba Iddi exiting the compound when she was coming towards me.”

“I was reluctant to mention what I saw to anyone because Iddi is a relative to the family, so I was praying that Kaaka will recover so that he can say that it was his brother who caused that harm to him, but he didn’t. Prior to that, I had called my husband and narrated everything to him. After Kaaka’s death, my husband suggested that I give an account of what I saw, so we went to the police station and reported the matter and Baba Iddi was subsequently arrested,” she added.

Sadia Fuseini says she and her husband have been fled their home due to threats on their lives for testifying against Kaaka’s brother.

The woman who claims my brother-in-law killed Kaaka must be properly investigated – Wife

Sahada Hudu, the widow of Ibrahim Muhammed, has suggested that the deceased’s elder brother is innocent of the crime. When she appeared before the committee earlier, she said the neighbour who testified against her brother-in-law must be thoroughly investigated.

“Conduct your investigations well, and find out the one who caused my husband’s death. The one who testified against my husband’s brother should be called… We live in the same house. She told me that she didn’t see anything, but she said she only heard the sound of my husband entering the house. She didn’t see anything because all of us went to the scene to see what had happened,” she told the committee.


Ibrahim Muhammed, died on Monday, June 28, 2021, after he was attacked by unknown assailants when he was returning home on his motorbike

It is alleged that he was attacked and killed because of his social activism, which some felt was making the government unpopular.

This is because the 45-year-old was noted to be vocal on both local and national issues using his Facebook page.

His family said he had faced threats over his activism prior to the attack.

Following his burial, some residents of Ejura started a street protest but were confronted by armed police and military personnel, leading to the death of two persons who were said to have been shot by some soldiers. – CNR


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