Has NDC MPs Been Compromised?

Hon. Haruna Iddirisu, Minority Leader in Parliament

On Metro Television’s “Good morning, Ghana” programme of Friday, October 1st, 2021, Nana Akomea, the current Managing Director of the State Transport Corporation (STC) and a leading member of the Governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), said, “NPP are not the type you compromise with! Imagine it’s the NPP having 137 members in Parliament, in addition to having the Speaker on their side, it would have been very difficult for the NDC to have it easy in Parliament, when they have all it takes to scrutinise the NPP”.

This statement coming from Nana Akomea is a very bad summary of the 8th Parliament and of the NDC MPs in the August House and the earlier they redeem their image and the perception party foot soldiers and Ghanaians in general have of them, the better.

It is however not surprising but disturbing when Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, MP for North Tongu, in a recent twit said “the Grassroot of the NDC and Ghanaians had some expectations from us (NDC MPs) but they feel very disappointed, I plead with them to give us (MPs) time to redeem ourselves”.

There is no ambiguity in the minds of Ghanaians that NDC MPs have been corrupted by the Executive, if what Nana Akomea said on Metro TV, is anything to go by.

From day one when the North Tongu MP, Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa, resigned from Parliament’s Appointments Committee, Ghanaians started doubting the honesty and sincerity of the NDC MPs and now Nana Akomea’s statement has let the cat out of the bag.

Ghanaians, very well remember the outburst of the NDC’s Director of Communications, Sammy Gyamfi, when he actually accused NDC MPs of flirting with the Akufo Addo administration to approve all its appointees even as they have had some reservation about some of them.

Even though It was not clear why the North Tongu MP resigned from the Appointments Committee, the suspicion has always been in the minds of Ghanaians that it was all because the Executive was paying their way through.

Despite the suspicions, Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa did not state his reason for his resignation, all he said was “I shall like to state that the reasons for this difficult decision are both personal and on PRINCIPLE.”

What infuriated Ghanaians more was the fact that the NDC MPs themselves had labelled some appointees of the President as persons who will never sail through vetting because they have been perceived as being corrupt but at the blindside of Ghanaians, all those appointees were given the nod and today, they are working as Ministers of state.

Some of these appointees include Albert Kan Dapaah, National Security Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, Minister for Finance, Mavis Hawa Koomson, Fisheries Minister to name a few.

Many political analysts were shocked as some NDC MPs voted to approve the same nominees their representatives on the Committee had raised issues about.

Angry members of the opposition NDC flayed their members on the Appointments Committee as well as the leadership of the party in Parliament including the Speaker and so was it surprising when Hon. Okudzeto Ablakwa said he resigned on a matter of PRINICIPLE?

Anytime members of the public have chastised the opposition NDC MPs for doing very little to keep the Executive in check, they have been quick to respond that there is very little they can do because they have the same numerical strength in the August House.

The Speaker will also tell you he is for both sides of the House and not for any particular party but does it mean NDC MPs plus the Speaker should rubber stamps anything from the Executives?

Like the Hon Okudzeto Ablakwa said, Ghanaians had aspiration and expectations and the outcome of the 2020 elections had given them hope that even if the President and his NPP with the help of the Electoral Commission had imposed themselves on Ghanaians, Parliament as is composed after the elections, would maintain some checks and balance, but no that has not happened.

Despair is written on many faces as one interact with Ghanaians about their problems which ranges from failed educational system, poor health care facilities, failed national security system, failed economy, poor urban and country planning, poor sanitation problems, very inefficient public transport system, very high cost of living and a minimum wage that does not go beyond seven days.

And so what has been the benefit Ghanaians derived from the equal number of Parliamentarians in the August House? Nothing.

And so, is it because of what Nana Akomea alluded to, that the NDC MPs have been compromised?



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