‘Gov’t must be fiscally disciplined to address rising inflation’ – Economist

Dr. Adu Sarkodie

An Economist, Dr. Adu Sarkodie thinks the Bank of Ghana’s measures at fighting inflation may be counter-productive without multisectoral support from some key governmental ministries.

He argued that Ghana’s record-high inflation of 27.6%, which is primarily supply-driven, requires key Ministries – Trade, Finance and Agriculture to institute policies that will reduce public debt and borrowing.

Dr. Sarkodie believes these policies will enhance fiscal discipline on the part of various Ministries, which will consequently tackle inflation.

“The fight against inflation has not been effective because it is a supply-side issue, so the Bank of Ghana is doing its part. The onus lies on the supply side, the fiscal side and the real actors like the Ministry of Finance to be fiscally disciplined.”

“The Agricultural Ministry must answer some questions, Trade and Industry must answer some questions. All the other actors must be part of this solution, not only the Central Bank,” he argued on Citi TV’s Point of View.

In May 2022, the Bank of Ghana increased interest rates from 17% to 19% in a bid to address inflation.

But economists have warned that the continual rise in interest rates may worsen the country’s economic challenges.

Mr. Sarkodie rehashed these concerns, emphasising the need for Ghana to adopt “a better approach where we will all not lose.”

The Government Statistician, Prof. Samuel Kobina Annim has already said the current rising inflation in the country has more to do with the country’s fiscal policies rather than monetary policy.

According to him, confirmed data collected by the Ghana Statistical Service points to the fact that the rising cost of goods can only be tackled through policy decisions taken by the government on the supply side of things.  —  CNR


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