Ghana’s mobile money transactions reach record GHS 1.9 trillion in 2023


Mobile money transactions in 2023 soared to unprecedented levels, surpassing previous records and underlining the nation’s evolving fintech landscape. According to the Bank of Ghana’s January 2024 Summary of Economic and Financial Data, the total value of mobile money transactions surged to an impressive GH¢1.912 trillion in 2023, marking a substantial increase from the GH¢1.07 trillion recorded in 2022.


Throughout the year, monthly transaction volumes showcased remarkable consistency and growth, with each month boasting figures exceeding the GH¢100 billion mark. Notably, December 2023 emerged as the pinnacle, witnessing the highest transaction value of GH¢199.3 billion.


Comparative analysis against 2022 reveals a compelling narrative of expansion, as monthly transaction volumes consistently outpaced their predecessors. From January to December 2023, the mobile money sector demonstrated robust momentum, with figures consistently eclipsing those of the corresponding months in the previous year.


MONTH                               2022 (BILLION)                                 2023 (BILLION)

January                                              ¢76.2                                                  ¢130.1

February                                            ¢76.5                                                  ¢134.0

March                                                ¢90.5                                                  ¢147.5

April                                                    ¢87.7                                                  ¢138.8

May                                                    ¢71.4                                                  ¢159.7

June                                                    ¢77.4                                                  ¢149.4

July                                                     ¢89.1                                                  ¢169.6

August                                                ¢87.1                                                  ¢161.8

September                                        ¢88.8                                                  ¢157.0

October                                             ¢100.2                                                ¢179.2

November                                                                                                     ¢185.9

December                                                                                                    ¢199.3

TOTAL                                                ¢1.07 trillion                                     ¢1.912 trillion

Despite the undeniable success of mobile money services, questions linger regarding the government’s attainment of its Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy) target for 2023. The E-Levy, introduced as a tax on electronic transactions, including mobile money transfers, remains a focal point of fiscal policy and revenue generation efforts.


While the surge in mobile money transactions suggests a potential uptick in E-Levy revenue, concrete data regarding its realization remains elusive. Uncertainty surrounds whether the government met its fiscal objectives through the E-Levy amidst the backdrop of burgeoning digital financial activity.


Source – NR



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