This year, 2024 is an election year in Ghana and as usual, it has come with political campaigns, with politicians crisscrossing the country to solicit for votes from their constituents.


The National Democratic Congress (NDC), the biggest opposition party in the country, is calling for a change of Administration, while the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) is asking Ghanaians to be maintained in office to continue what they term, their good work in office.


Unfortunately, there is some disturbing collection of audio and video clips circulating on the internet, which the security agencies, as a matter of urgency, must take steps to stop before they pollute the minds of members of political parties and members of the public in general in the run-up to the December 7, elections.


Per some of the audio and video clips, the creators state categorically, that if the December elections do not give them their expectations, there will be chaos.


Most of the content creators of these audios and videos are young people, judging by their utterances, body language, and appearance.


Fortunately, Ghana has never seen any serious civil strife since independence, all the skirmishes Ghanaians have witnessed happened in the military barracks and those who want to glorify war, should know, that there is so much tension in Accra between Ga land owners and other ethnic tribes who have purchased lands and build in the national capital and God forbid, if there is any chaos, there are those who will take advantage of the mayhem.


It is for this reason that GhanaNewsNow finds it very encouraging to hear the Rev. Dr. Opuni Frimpong, a former General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana remind the country’s political leaders, “Citizens must not die or be maimed because of elections and we must all work as citizens and political leaders to ensure a violence-free election this year,”.


The man of God emphasized that credible and peaceful elections were the collective responsibility of all stakeholders.


He also called on traditional rulers and religious leaders to demand commitment to peace and accountability from politicians when they visit their palaces, churches, and mosques asking for blessings before elections.


Citing whose responsibility it is to ensure peace before, during, and after elections, Dr Opuni Frimpong noted, that it is the responsibility of all stakeholders, the EC, political parties, civil society organizations, the media, security agencies, the law courts, and the country’s youth to ensure justice, peace, and fairness.


 GhanaNewsNow would like to add its voice to that of the man of God and call on the Youth to protect their future and not allow politicians to exploit or use them, or they will become casualties of political violence.



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