EDITORIAL: The President’s Unfortunate Comments

President Akufo Addo

Political leaders are usually very measured (Diplomatic) in their response to questions from Journalists and members of the public.


President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo, has the habit of answering questions from Journalists and members of the public with what one would describe as political bunkums.


Even before he became President of Ghana, he was reported to have made the now famous statement “all die be die” and “Atiwaa kora, ye kyere onom biribi” translated, “At Atiwaa, we taught them something”.


When Akufo Addo became President, everyone thought his manners, his responses to comments from political opponents, would change with his emergence as the leader of the country but no, he has carried himself as if he was an ordinary politician.


Not very long ago, the Chief of Aflao, concerned with the uncompleted state of school buildings in his Traditional area, asked if the President could do something about the situation.


The President retorted, who is the Aflao Chief to tell the government what to do with uncompleted school buildings in his area? If he has the money, he can go ahead and complete them himself.


On another occasion, the President attended a state function, at which the Ghana National Anthem was played, a Chief, who was unwell but was at the function and could not stand up for the national anthem, had the President questioning why he remained seated while the national anthem was being played?


Again, at a function attended by the President and his daughter and the Ghana National Anthem was played, the President’s daughter was busy on phone but the President, this time did not see anything wrong with the behavior of his daughter as he did with the Ga Chief.


Only recently, the Volta River Authority (VRA) spilled water from the Akosombo Dam and a number of Districts got flooded, rendering thousands homeless. When the President visited the area, the expectation of the people was that he was coming to relieve them with some soothing words but to their surprise, he was categorical with his speech and told them since they didn’t vote for his party, he was only there because of his magnanimity.


Ghanaians have come to understand and accept these pomposities of the President anytime he responds to some member of the public for not behaving to his expectation but he himself is always going contrary to his own principles.


The Late President, John Evans Atta Mills, has been dead for some years now, the question of what killed him, who killed him and his autopsy report has become a public tussle in recent time even as his brother Samuel Atta Mills, MP for KEEA, has explained that the Late President suffered from a medical condition called Sinus infection in 2005.


At a meeting with some members of the Late President’s ‘family’, Nana Akufo Addo was reported to have said his Government neglected development of Ekumfi due to the decision by the residents not to vote for Francis Ato Cudjoe, an NPP Parliamentary candidate in the 2020 elections.


Akufo Addo was not happy with the way the people of Ekumfi voted and uncharacteristic of a leader and a President, he did not conceal his dislike for the people when he said, he intentionally refused them development.


GhaanNewsNow, disagree with the President because out of 23 seats in the Central Region, his New Patriotic Party (NPP) got 10 seats, which means the Region did not deal badly with the President and his party and so if for anything at all, he should have been grateful for the 10 seats the region gave his party and resuscitate the Sugar Factory located at Ekumfi area.


We believe the President is deliberately dispatching the NPP into opposition with his utterances, actions and comments on national issues. It has become obvious the President is not interested in the victory of his Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia and the NPP because no astute politician, worth his salt and looking forward to victory in elections, would damage his party in this manner.


How many people can he galvanize in the Volta Region after his unfortunate comments, how many people can he galvanize in the Ekumfi area after telling them he deliberately starved them of development?


Already, about half the population of the country have lost confidence in his government, making it difficult campaigning for his successor, but he continues spewing uncomplimentary words and creating hatred for the candidates of his party, both at the Parliamentary and Presidential levels.


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