‘COVID-19 is still prevalent – keep to safety protocols’

Sophia Akuffo

Madam Sophia Akuffo, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, National COVID-19 Trust Fund, on Friday urged Ghanaians to keep to the COVID-19 safety protocols as the virus is still prevalent.

“COVID-19 is real, kills, damages, and destroys so let’s all join hands to fight it. It is unfortunate most people have given up on the protocols and the correct method of wearing of nose masks. Some wear the masks covering only their mouth or their chin leaving their nose exposed to the virus,” she said.

Madam Akuffo was speaking at a COVID-19 Awareness Campaign in Accra, dubbed; “Mask Up, COVID-19 Down” to whip-up enthusiasm and rejuvenate adherence to the World Health Organisation and Ghana Health Service’s preventive protocols.

The campaign, organised by the Community Youth Cultural Centre (CYCC), under the auspices of the National Commission on Culture (NCC), was supported by the National COVID-19 Trust Fund.

Madam Akuffo, who demonstrated the proper usage of the nose mask, said for effective usage, the wearer should first bend the metallic strap on the mask to fit the nose bridge.

She encouraged children, whom she described as good at educating their peers and even adults, to get involved in the campaign and help the enforcement of the protocols.

“We must be vanguards for adhering to the COVID-19 protocols, let us correct colleagues and adults in our communities to keep to the safety protocols,” she said.

“The more you protect yourself, the more I am protected and the more I protect myself the more you are protected.”

Madam Edna Janet Nyame, the Executive Director, National Commission on Culture, called on parents to ensure that their children wore the nose masks and had hand sanitizers on them as schools reopened.

She advised the youth, especially students, to observe social distancing in school and avoid the temptation of sharing their nose masks with friends.

Dr Akosua Abdalla, the Director, CYCC, said the event formed part of a Nationwide Awareness Campaign to educate the youth and the public in the fight against COVID-19.

She said the use of drama, cultural dance and puppets were amongst methods adopted to convey the message to the youth and community who were present at the campaign. – GNA


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