2024 Writing Marathon For John Dramani Mahama

HE John Dramani Mahama.

Mahama is a personification of courageousness. Courage, they say, is the noblest of virtues because it is the one that validates all the others and the one that is most often gravely missing.

Leaders who have courage are those who dare to lead by example, who can make difficult decision and act accordingly even when the outcome is not certain.

President John Dramani Mahama has the gravitas of a world-class leader whose political mettle, experience and courage is matchless.

I was amazed about his bravery regarding his speech on Gay rights at the Scottish Parliament when he was the President of Ghana some years ago.

While some people are trying to skirt around the issue of LGBTQ in Ghana, he has never minced words.

Hear him, “My country is a circular one, made up of Christians, Muslims and Traditional believers. None of these sects accepts Gayism and Lesbianism. As a leader, once the people I rule abhor these things, I cannot accept these cultures on the grounds of Human Rights. Despite our challengers, our nation stands paramount against any other foreign interest”.

Isn’t this awesomely awesome? President John Dramani Mahama is a very honest and trustworthy leader who does not like shifting blame, but always wants to take responsibility of issues in order to fix them.

I have always been seized by a fit of yearning for him to become President again. Posterity is still judging and will continue to judge him because Ghanaians have carried water and alcohol and are now in a position to tell which is weightier. The verdict will certainly be evident on December 7, this year.

Source – Anthony Obeng Afrane


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